21 September 2021

Nathan A. Hughes, Esq.

Soli Deo Gloria

Blessed Are The Meek

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Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. 

Matthew 5:5

Happy are the meek in spirit says Jesus, for they shall inherit the earth. In this verse Jesus is reminding believers of the promise made in Psalm 37: 11, “But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.” 

The key here is meekness of heart and spirit. How are you to obtain a meek heart? There is only one way that the sinner can acquire this meek spirit, like Christ. Fully submit yourself to Him and in return your heart will be changed into a quiet, gentle, long-suffering and forbearing blessing to you. Meekness is one of the fruits of the spirit listed in Galatians 5. Proverbs 29: 8 reminds us that a wise man will turn away from wrath as the wise man has a meek heart. 

The world wants power and influence, God’s people should desire meekness, humbleness and a submissive heart. Christ had a meek spirit for sinners. When He was with the woman caught in the act of adultery (John 8: 1 – 11) the Jews wanted to stone her to death, as this is what the law commanded. 

Jesus had a tender heart towards her. He showed the hypocrisy of the Jewish leaders by showing them they were just as guilty before God. Christ did not just leave it there He told the woman that she was also in the wrong. Meekness of spirit also has love to tell the truth. Don’t be confused by allowing others to twist meekness. Without a knowledge of sin and the truth meekness is of no use. 

The meek in spirit will preach the truth in love because the meek have a concern for the soul of the unconverted sinner. The meek will address the heart of the problem, namely the sin of the person and then point the sinner to the remedy, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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