21 September 2021

Nathan A. Hughes, Esq.

Soli Deo Gloria

God’s World

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Father God,

Thou and thou alone art creator,

Thou art the reason for all good things

Thou wilt create according to thy pleasure

Create in this weak frame a soul that liveth thee,

Feed me with thy great Word of truth,

Cause me to grace flee and grow

Help me to reject all sin and weakness of flesh

Help me, O gracious God to flee from wickedness

And cause my heart to embrace thy good righteous laws

May this desire of my sinful soul please thee alone

In the Holy name of Jesus Christ, 


Scripture begins with divine revelation that is simple, strong and sublime in the affirmation of truth. Scripture does not argue the existence of God, for all mankind knows the fact that God is both real and true. God’s creation declares his hand and being. One would not ask for proof of a book’s author, a painting for the artist, for these things are clearly seen. Rather the wicked deny God by their desire to sin and live without his commandments. 

Our Lord declares in John 3 that the ungodly hide from God because their sin is their desire and pleasure. If they admit the plain truth they admit the reality of gods holiness and justice. Which to them is the most unthinkable thought. We are living in a world that belongs to God. We are required to acknowledge God for who he really is. He alone is our hope and home. He is Lord and King of the soul of those who love and worship his great and holy name.

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