21 September 2021

Nathan A. Hughes, Esq.

Soli Deo Gloria

The Benefits of Bible Notes

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I have been writing notes in my Bible for well over 5 years now. I believe there are great benefits to writing in your Bible. I have two main Bibles. An Open Bible in the NKJV text and a Bible that I made myself from an Old KJV and writing paper. I write in both and use them daily. In this short blog post, I will give you my view on the importance of writing in your Bible. Some Christian people hold the view that it is not right to write in the Word of God. I disagree with that position; we worship the God of the Word and love his Word. We must not worship the book, but the Word. There is nothing “holy” about the pages and ink in the Bible. God has given us His Word to learn from and to love. Those who feel uncomfortable about writing in the Bible may want to get a good notebook and write in that. 

A personal reflection on the text

I read my Bible and reflect on what I’ve read. I make notes on the passages that have comforted me, encouraged me and rebuked me. This way I can keep a record and look back on those passages that I’ve been most blessed by. 


When I read through a passage of Scripture, I tend to make comments and record my thoughts on the overall teaching of the passage. Writing in my Bible also slows me down and gives me time to think about the passage. I also write my own Cross-references and study resources. In a way, I make my own study Bible.  

Questions and Answers. 

When I do not understand a passage of Scripture, I write a question in the margin and seek to find the answer. When I have found the answer, I will write that down. This way I can look back on what I learnt from that passage. Another good reason is to have a record of your growth in faith. I will also look up the passage in varies commentaries and jot down the commentator’s view. 

Family Heirloom

Your thoughts in your Bible will make a great gift to pass down to your children and grandchildren. When you have left this world, your family will be able to look up a passage of Scripture and read what you thought. They will be able to see what you learnt, how God blessed you and see your love and passion for the things of God. 

These are the main reasons why I write in my Bibles. There are of course other benefits to writing in your Bible, but I just wanted to give you the main reasons why I do so. You do not have to spend a great deal of money on a wide margin Bible to write notes many journaling Bibles are good enough. Make your notes personal and truthful.

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