21 September 2021

Nathan A. Hughes, Esq.

Soli Deo Gloria

Why Has God Allowed Covid-19?

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Why has God allowed coronavirus? It is my view that this current affliction is designed primarily to wake Christians up.

We have now been given the opportunity to spend more time in seeking the Lord and reading our Bible without the distraction of our normal routines. We have no excuse now that we have not enough time to read Scripture and pray.

Maybe the gathering together on the Lord’s Day has been taken away from us to make us realise how precious that time together really is. Maybe, God is teaching us a valuable lesson here. That the meeting of the church is not an optional extra but a vital part of Christian life.
Over the past few days I have but seriously thinking about why God had allowed this virus to happen. As you might be aware as an autistic person when I have a thought I’m like a dog with a bone. This decree of God has been occupying my mind most of my waking hours. I think the events that happened to Job are helpful for us to consider at this time.

Job was faithful to God even when all of his privileges and comforts were removed. It is a possibility that this is what the Lord is doing today. Will Christian people still remain faithful even in the midst of trouble? Will Christian people still trust God even when it appears that all is lost?

This is my personal view on the topic so you are free to disagree with me on this part. I believe that God is also sending affliction as a judgment to the believing world. I think the church has taken so much for granted that God has taken many things away to make us appreciate what we have. It is understandable why God would punish the ungodly, so why think the righteous have a free pass.

In the time of lock down let us take time to examine ourselves in light of who we are in Christ. Take time to ponder on the truths of God. Consider this time as a time to reflect, refresh and repent.

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